Off market property is more common than you might think, and here at Charles & Derby Estates we have lots of experience helping our valued clients in selling and buying properties of this type. Off market means that the property for sale is not being advertised in the same way as traditional properties are. You won’t find them on property portals or in the windows of local estate agents, so it means you have to enquire directly about a property like this in your area.

Lots of people are choosing to sell off market for a number of valid reasons. It could be that they don’t want to have to deal with any stress or upheaval that comes with the marketing and advertising of their property, and simply want to offload it to the right person for the right price. The seller may have their eye on getting the property sold more quickly than a regular home because they have had a loss in the family or other extenuating circumstances that mean they can no longer afford to stay in the current property. Whatever the reason, we can help you sell your property quickly via an off market deal, and we can make your property known to the right buyer should they come along.

As with all the property services here at Charles & Derby Estates, we offer a personal and tailormade service to each of our clients whether for an investment or a residential home that you can call your own. We have wide-reaching connections with homeowners and other industry contacts so we know many properties that aren’t available to view directly on the open market, but we can secure viewings and eventually sales.

Not only do we understand the different strategies of pricing associated with off market deals, but we have the knowledge of trends within the property market to be able to create offers that secure you the property you have your eye on. Get in touch today and see what off market property deals are currently available in the Leicester area.

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