Here at Charles & Derby Estates, we know how important it is that you partner with an agent that has your trust in not only finding the best tenant for the property, but also maintaining that property and taking care of finances moving forward. We understand that your focus is to provide a safe, clean and habitable environment for your tenant whilst at the same time boosting your ability to make money from the property. We have the knowledge to make this happen for you, and avoid many of the pitfalls of trying to go it alone and have to deal with any problems which arise yourself.

We provide rental valuations

The first thing we need to establish is how much your property is worth when it comes to renting it out to tenants. Thanks to our years in the sector and knowledge of the local area we are perfectly placed to assist with this valuation, and we offer highly experienced lettings agents to see you right. Your property may not be ready to go on the market for rental right away, and we can point you in the right direction when it comes to making changes and adjustments to boost the rental value before we move on to the next step.

What we offer

Here at Charles & Derby Estates you can rest assured we take care of every detail for you when it comes to letting out your property and overseeing the duration of the tenancy, and our years of experience give us a substantial edge over many of our local competitors.

  • Legal aspects such as safety regulations are taken care of as we advise you of your legal obligations when it comes to things such as gas safety and the testing of electrical appliances.
  • Home preparation involves creating an accurate floor plan and taking measurements, as well as taking photos of the property so that it can be displayed to prospective tenants in the best possible light. We can advise on refurbishments or any furniture you may need.
  • Marketing is a large part of finding the right tenants, and we take care of everything from uploading your property to our site and distributing it to other similar sites to maximise the amount of people viewing your property – giving you a wider choice of offers.
  • Viewings are taken care of by our team of professionals who can show tenants the property and answer any questions they may have. You can leave us a spare set of keys so you aren’t bothered every time a prospective tenant wishes to view, making our service more flexible.

Receiving offers and moving in

We act as a trusted middleman throughout this process to make the transition as smooth as possible between landlord and tenant. Once an offer has been accepted by the landlord, we take a holding deposit and remove the property from the market until our referencing and thorough background and credit checks have taken place.

We create a bespoke tenancy agreement for you and the tenant to sign, during which we will include any stipulated terms such as cleaning and inventory taking so you aren’t hit with any surprises down the line. We will always be sure to work with you to include what you want to see in the agreement, not just what is standard because we appreciate every tenancy and every landlord has a different set of expectations.

When all the paperwork is finalised and we have taken all the deposit money for the advanced rental period and damage deposit, we will give the tenant the keys to the property and take final meter readings for you on the day the tenant moves in.